30 Dec 2021

Signifying locked/premium articles

News sites that typically require a subscription will be noted with a moneybag symbol (💰). Usually, it's only after viewing five articles or so. If a news site may require an account before you can read the article, it will be noted with a lock symbol (🔒). In both situations, neither an account nor a subscription may be required, but I wanted to highlight the possibility. I will be working on an archive system to get around those subscriptions.

21 Dec 2021

Uplifting News - Quick link to phone

I decided to retire "Not The Onion" articles and place something more happy: Uplifting News. Enjoy happier news articles!

I also added some guides on adding the link to the site on the phone. I don't think there's a need for an app, but you can certainly use your favorite browser to view GrubNews.